Grit Fit

“Grit Fit with Delone Carter at HIT24” is an invigorating fitness program led by Delone Carter, a former professional football player known for his incredible athleticism and dedication. Hosted at HIT24, a facility renowned for its baseball and softball training, this program embodies the essence of determination and resilience — the very definition of ‘grit’. Participants can expect a challenging yet rewarding experience, as Delone Carter brings his expertise and motivational prowess to every session. Whether it’s pushing through the last rep or sprinting the final stretch, “Grit Fit” is designed to help individuals surpass their limits and achieve a higher level of fitness. With a blend of strength, conditioning, and explosive training techniques, attendees are not just working out, they’re transforming their mindset and body, one session at a time.

Grit Fit With MVP

Elevate your development journey with the ultimate combination of intensity and exclusivity: pair a “Grit Fit with Delone Carter” membership with the MVP membership at HIT24. This premium package is designed for those who seek a transformative development experience led by the expertise of a former professional athlete.

Coupled with the MVP membership, members gain unparalleled access to HIT24’s state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse range of classes that cater to all baseball/softball levels. From personalized training sessions to advanced equipment and supportive community events, this package provides an all-encompassing approach to player development.

You’re not just purchasing a membership; you’re investing in a lifestyle. This exclusive offer grants you the guidance, resources, and motivation to unlock your full potential. Join now and embrace the journey towards a grittier player.