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Hit Sessions


Elevate your baseball or softball game with our HIT Sessions. We cover hitting, defense, and pitching, ensuring players develop in all parts of the game. Our new classes give you the flexibility to choose the training sessions you want, expertly led by Hit Warehouse trainers.

Hit Warehouse

Package Pricing

H-Hands-on I-Instruction T-Training.

Our HIT Sessions are offered in either a Credit Pack or a pay as you go system. The higher value the Credit Pack, the more money players save per session. These packs are available for both baseball and softball players looking to elevate their game and get the opportunity to train under experts at The Hit Warehouse.

Classes must be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance, as class sizes are limited. Sign up for your sessions now before they start January 8th!

Learn more in The Hit Warehouse app. Don’t have the app? Download it here!